Frequently Asked Questions about Chia Pools

Note: All information pulled from conversations, tweets, and posts from Chia team members. If you see anything that looks incorrect, please reach out to us at

How will Chia pools work?


Similar to other cryptocurrency pools, Chia pools are made up of a group of people farming to the same pool key. When one of the farmers in the pool wins a block, everybody shares in the reward.


For Chia pools, the farmer that wins the block gets 0.25 XCH, and the remaining 1.75 XCH is split among the rest of the pool, minus the pool fee. Pool farmers will receive a cut of the 1.75 XCH equal to their farm’s percentage of the pool netspace.

What are portable and non-portable plots?


Non-portable plots are all plots that were created before the update expected on May 17th. These cannot be used with pools, but can continue to be self-farmed.


Portable plots can be created after May 17th (or whenever the pool update comes out). These can be plotted to a smart contract, which gives them additional functionality. Farmers can assign these plots to a pool, change what pool they are assigned to, or continue farming them solo if they prefer.

I’m planning on joining a pool, what should I do with my non-portable plots?


You have two choices - you can continue farming them solo alongside your pool plots, or you can delete them to make room for more portable plots.


If you are able to continue farming them solo, we’d suggest you do so - there is still a chance you can earn XCH even with a small farm, and then there won’t be any wasted time or strain on your plotting machine. But if you would rather smooth out your rewards for your entire farm, you will need to replot (delete old plots and create new portable plots).

When does Chia Garden Pool launch?


Tentative beta launch date one week after the release of pooling support from Chia Networks, but it might be a bit sooner or later than that.

Do I need to create new plots to join Chia Garden Pool?


Yes, you need portable plots to join any pool that follows official pool protocol, including Chia Garden. An update to Chia that allows plotting portable plots is expected to arrive on May 17th.

Ok, say I have a few portable plots. Can I switch from/to your pool whenever I want?


Yes, it will be possible to switch pools at will with ~30 minutes delay.

Can I farm portable blocks solo?


Yes, it is possible to farm portable blocks solo.

How many portable plots do I need to join the pool?


You can join the pool with a single portable plot.

Does Chia Garden take pool fee?


Yes, Chia Garden will take a pool fee to fund its operations. Exact amount is not known yet.

I have a problem, where can I ask my questions?


On our Discord (preferably in the #support channel) or through email:

I have skills that you might find useful and a bit of free time on my hands. Do you need any help?


Always! Contact us on Discord.