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How to unstuck your account

You have joined Chia Farmland, have a few plots and it’s been a while and your account page does not exist or statistics show all zeros.

If any of the solutions helped you, please drop a comment to this post telling us that the instructions worked so we know when to update them.

Your stats are zero and you have fewer than 10 plots

You could be just really unlucky — each plot increases the speed at which you get partials. At 1 plot, you average 10 partials per day, so it takes ~2.4 hours to get a partial. This time cuts down proportionately with the number of plots you have until you have 20 plots at which point your difficulty increases and get more points per partial.

Your stats are all zero but the GUI shows positive Points Found Since Start and it’s been over 30 mins

Check the Partials tab on your account page, if you see any partials being invalidated then click the red text and see why that is happening.

If the Partials tab is empty, your partials are most likely failing signature checks. Try moving using a different machine and see if this happens there.

It’s been over 15 minutes and your account page still shows “Unable to find details…”

This one is tough, but almost 100% resolvable with patience.

  • Close the GUI if you are using it.

For Windows

  • Open Powershell and cd into


For Linux/Ubuntu/Mac

  • In the console, cd into wherever you cloned chia-blockchain into

Once you are in the right folder whether on a Linux console or Powershell continue here

  • Note: On Windows, you need prepend all commands with a ./ , for example chia start farmer becomes ./chia start farmer

  • Run the following commands

chia stop -d all
chia start farmer
chia wallet show
  • Note the Wallet ID number that is of type POOLING_WALLET, this is typically going to be 2

  • Run

chia plotnft join -u <URL> -i <WALLET ID>
  • <URL> should be a different region from what you joined originally. For example, if you were on then switch to and vice versa.

  • <WALLET ID> is the ID you found in the previous step

This will instruct your PlotNFT to join Space Pool via another endpoint — don’t worry you will still end up in the same pool with everyone else.

  • Periodically run chia plotnft show , it should say that you are in the process of leaving/switching and this process can take up to 30 minutes.

  • Once you have switched, you should see your account page within 15 minutes. If you don’t then… you ran into an issue we have not net encountered before. Feel free to ping a Space Pool team member but response times may vary.

  • If you do see your account page, you are all set — feel free to switch back to the endpoint you came from but unless latency is an issue for you, any endpoint should be fine.

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